Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Costumes for your little ones!

My little Brynlee has got the cutest costume for Halloween this year!


It was made by Rozzi, over at Rozzi's Sweet Peas!

She has got a whole array of costumes for your little ones!

If she doesn't have your size on hand, SHE WILL MAKE IT!

Beyond reasonably priced, I am having her make a matching one for me to wear!
I should also mention that over half of Brynlee's wardrobe consists of outfits from Rozzi. She has got such a unique look, Eurpoean, I don't know how to explain it. Either way, Brynlee gets tons of compliments, wherever we go, and I am happy to send them on to Rozzi!

I can't say enough about how talented Rozzi is and how much love and care she puts into each piece she makes!

Quality, affordable, trendy!

Head on over to:
Email her, and see what she can do.
She will also be at my TRICK OR TREAT BOOTIQUE!


  1. Not the poison apple! Did you plan that? That is so stinking cute! I want pictures of both of you in costumes!

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